Everlite Compact EL6 Solar Light


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Solar Powered LED Everlites

By New Option Lighting

Solar-Powered Everlites provide an exciting task-light for your lighting needs. They consist of two parts: a monocrystalline panel with cord, plus the detachable LED lamp that it plugs into. This nifty system by New Option Lighting provides powerful solar LED lighting for all your outdoor, at home and emergency needs. Everlites are quite the task-light with ability to run automatically from dusk to dawn using the built-in photocell to supply light for all your needs whatever they may be. Add the Everlite’s portable features, and the Everlite’s versatility multiplies even more.

At home the Everlite is just the thing for porch or patio lighting, security, spot lighting in the yard, and think of its convenience at the barn and horse stable.

Then there are the emergency usages including car repairs or flat tires when the Everlite comes to the rescue.

The Everlite’s uses for the outdoor enthusiast are numerous and exciting. How convenient they are for RVs, boats, yacht security, fishing trips, bicycling, backpacking, hiking, picnics, etc. Powerful high-tech white LEDs light up your campsite for reading, cooking, playing cards or after dark camp set-up. The Everlite’s bright white light does not attract moths or flying insects at night.

What a perfect lighting solution for remote cabins and hunting lodges.

The Compact Everlite delivers 12 hours of brilliant white light in 6 hours of full sun charging, providing sufficient light to illuminate your entire campsite.

The solar panel has a 10ft cord. The detachable LED lamp weighs only 8 oz, and the complete assembly weighs 21 oz. The Compact Everlite is 7.08 inches in length, 6.63 inches wide, and 2.50 inches in height. The Compact Everlite has eight ultra bright white LEDs in an impact resistant silvered reflector, with UV inhibitor, an Ni-Mh rechargeable battery pack, and a monocrystalline silicon solar pack.


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