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Recently we heard a talk by the herbalist, Dr. Richard Schultze, speaking on juicing. He called the champion juicer a serious juicer that you could abuse, one that takes a licking and keeps on ticking. He went on to speak of using his all day with no rest, until it got so hot you could have welded on it, and it has never broken down. He spoke of its gigantic motor and pulp ejecting design. He ended by saying the champion juicer is one you can’t break, so you’ll give it to your grandchildren. He figures the champion has a life of easily over 50 years.

As Dr. Shultze spoke, we nodded our heads. Our personal, household Champion juicer has taken us through many trouble-free seasons. It has performed all that we’ve asked of it year after year.

Champion juicers are powered by a 1/3 – horsepower, heavy duty electric motor, and are built to work and last. During canning season we run ours for hours straight. Seldom have I seen a kitchen appliance that can keep up, for so many years, with never a need of maintenance, other than an occasional drop of oil. The 2nd greatest feature, is that these juicers are moderately priced as juicers go, making it a wonderful buy.

All the champion juicer parts are made of FDA approved nylon and stainless steel, completely neutral to any acids from fruits and vegetables. The champion juicer is classified as a masticating type of machine. Where mastication is employed the fruit and vegetable fibers are chewed, and the cells are broken up, producing a maximum amount of available nutrients in your juice. This also means fuller taste.

The Champion juicer is easy to use. It can be completely taken apart or put together in five seconds. There are no nuts, bolts or screws for assembly. You simply slide the cutter on or off the shaft, and lock into place with a quick half turn. In four seconds it can be converted into a grater or homogenizer by changing a single part. The large feeder throat of the Champion makes it unnecessary to cut your vegetables into small pieces. This saves time. The powerful motor provides for fast juicing. Since the Champion Juicer is a pulp ejector, it discards the pulp automatically while juicing. This means you can make any amount of juice without stopping to clean out the pulp. The Champion excels at juicing greens.

The Champion does not vibrate or hop around on your counter while in use. It has a 1 year warrenty on the motor and a 5 year warrenty on parts. It weighs about 25 lbs. It is 10″ high, by 7″ wide and 17″ deep.


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