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Sentry Solutions’ Tuf-Cloth

Sentry Solution: Hi Slip Grease, Tuf Glide, Armorer's kit

Made in the USA
Sentry Solutions’ Tuf-Cloths are made of a soft, lint-free fabric that is durable, and comes in a re-sealable, vapor-barrier storage pouch to assure long life. Tuf-Cloth provides multi-purpose dry protection without oils or silicones.

Sentry Solutions’ Tuf-Cloth delivers protection against rust, friction and wear for your knives, fire arms, fishing tackle, power tools, door hinges and locks, golf clubs, boat parts, fly line-treatment, tarnish elimination on precious metals, chrome engine and exhaust parts, and all kinds of sports or outdoor gear. Tuf-Cloth is not only for metal, but works on plastic and restores wood as well.

Tuf-Cloth delivers the lasting protection you need by using a mixture of dry film corrosion inhibitors and lubricant which are fast-drying, and form a water displacing Micro Bonding Crystal Barrier. You get lint free cleaning, lubrication and protection that won’t wash off, and unlike oils it will not attract dust or dirt, or leave a slippery film. Sentry Solutions Tuf-Cloth provides protection for you in all weather conditions.

If your Tuf-Cloth should dry out, it can be restored using Tuf-Glide. You simply open the zipper pouch, and pour a teaspoon of Tuf-Glide onto the cloth, then reseal the bag. Tuf-Cloth is user adjustable; the wetter the cloth, the thicker the coating. Frequency of use can be adjusted to conditions. For those items exposed to wear or stored outdoors simply use Tuf-Cloth more often.

For Hunters, there is no need to worry about Tuf-Cloth affecting your hunt adversely, as the smell dissipates when it dries leaving no odor detectable to game. Additionally, Tuf-Cloth provides “in the field” maintenance for all surfaces. Sentry Solution’s Tuf-Cloth is 12″ x 12″ / 144 sq. in. If your gear is faced with extreme conditions see Marine Tuf-Cloth below.

Sentry Solutions’ Marine Tuf-Cloth

Made in the USA
Tuf Cloth with wood Sentry Solutions provides you Marine Tuf-Cloth for those times when you need extra protection, such as when your equipment will be exposed to highly corrosive salt-water, high humidity, in long-term storage, or sweat soaked as in concealed carry. This product was designed at the request of Navy Seals for diving operations, and provides a thicker film of protection with additional rust inhibitors for those extreme conditions you sometimes find yourself in. Sentry Solutions Marine Tuf-Cloth is 12″ x 12″/144 sq in.

Tuf Cloth and Smooth Kote Sentry Solution’s concept is simple – dirt will not stick to equipment lubricated with a dry film and metal surfaces protected by a dry micro-bonded shield will not corrode!

Sentry Solutions’ Tuf-Glide

Made in the USA
Tuf-Glide with toy Sentry Solutions’ Tuf-Glide is a quick-drying liquid companion for Tuf-Cloth. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast who hikes, hunts, fishes; or a collector of vintage firearms and cutlery, you will find Tuf-Glide and Sentry Solutions other products to be an aid in protecting and maintaining your equipment, tools and gear.

Tuf-Glide, “glides” into all the hard to reach areas of your knives, firearms and other gear where it penetrates to clean, lubricate and protect as it micro-bonds to the surface assuring long-lasting effectiveness.

After using Tuf-Glide for those tight, hard-to-reach areas; Tuf-Cloth, or any clean lint-free cloth works to wipe off the excess, and to coat the remainder of the equipment giving complete “peace of mind” protection. Tuf-Glide can also be used to restore your Tuf-Cloth to its original “feel” should it ever dry out. Tuf-Glide comes in a 1/2 oz precision needle bottle that allows for pinpoint applications, or an 8 oz bottle.


Sentry Solutions’ Smooth-Kote

Made in the USA
Sentry Solutions’ Smooth-Kote is a dry gun lubricant and bore treatment that protects against friction, wear, fouling and residue build-up even in extreme temperatures. It works from -65° F to +650°F.

This bonded lubrication smooths rough spots to dramatically reduce fouling thus enhancing accuracy, bullet velocity, and reliability. Since Smooth Kote does not build up in the bore, you will find almost no need for bore solvents as the fouling cannot stick to the Smooth-Kote barrier. Sentry Solutions Smooth-Kote solves the problems of using oils and silicones, as being dry, dust is not attracted to it, and Smooth-Kote does not thicken and gum up in temperature extremes. Sentry Solutions Smooth-Kote; also, does the trick for trigger mechanisms and other situations where you don’t want gumming up with age or conditions.

You need not worry about solvent odor affecting your hunt because as the Smooth-Kote dries the smell disappears. Smooth-Kote comes in a 1/2 oz bottle with a precision applicator tip.

Sentry Solutions’ Hi-Slip Grease

Made in the USA
Sentry Solutions Hi-Slip Grease is a synthetic blend containing the purest, sub-micron molybdenum disulfide available. As grease, it is not a dry film and it reduces wear on high-load bearing surfaces. Hi-Slip Grease offers the benefits of a self-healing, non-toxic film without the migration problems of traditional oils.

Sentry Solutions Hi-Slip Grease was formulated especially for firearms and military hardware. It lubricates and stops rust from -65° F to the hottest desert temperatures, and it resists water wash-off. Hi-Slip Grease lubricates and protects all types of metals including titanium, even under extreme conditions and high load.

Sentry Solutions’ Armorer’s Kit

Made in the USA
Sentry Solutions’ products were developed for all your lubrication needs. They will help you get the most from all of your equipment, tools and gear, enhancing the performance and extending the life of your investments. Each of Sentry Solutions products was designed to solve specific lubrication problems and needs.

The Sentry Solutions Armorer’s Kit brings you an arsenal of protection in products that have proved their super performance through extensive testing and field use by military special operations and law enforcement agencies.

Each Armorer’s Kit contains:

  • -Smooth-Kote (1/2 oz precision applicator and 2 oz screw-top jar)
  • -BP-2000 powder (3 grams) This pure lubricating powder may be used to fine tune triggers and bores, and maximize performance. BP 2000 powder reduces coefficient of friction and makes surfaces “non-stick”.
  • -Hi-Slip Grease (12cc)
  • -Tuf-Cloth (12″x12″)
  • -Plus all the accessories you need to treat your firearms including detailed instructions, application brush, patches, cotton-tipped wooden applicators, pipe cleaners, alcohol pads, and gloves.

For more information; or for refills for your kit, see individual Sentry Solutions products’ detailed descriptions above.


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