Ashland 15 qt Stainless Steel Canner


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Ashland 15 Qt Stainless Steel Canner

Made in USA
How excited we were to find these huge capacity, Amish made canners. They are such a relieving time saver, allowing those with big gardens or large families to water bath 15 qts, rather than 7 qts, at a time. You can also process 24 pints, 28 half pints or 12 gals. of your favorite soup.

These stovetop canners can be used over two burners of electric or gas stoves, or on a wood cookstove. They are 11 3/4″ X 20 3/4″. They are constructed of the finer grades of stainless steel which is a big plus over alumium or porcelain which can chip. The seams of these rectangular canners are specially sandwiched, lock type, and silver soldered to last a lifetime. Our family has been working ours hard for years now at a great time savings. A stainless steel rod rolled into the top makes these canners strong. The silver solder is lead free giving you peace of mind whether canning or cooking in your Ashland canner. These Ashland canners come with a stainless steel rack to use with your cannning jars or for cooking solid foods directly.

The Ashland canner is 13 1/4 inches high easily allowing the 2 inches of water covering your jars for processing. One of the things that disturbs us about many procelain water bath canners is that they aren’t high enough to cover quarts with the 2 inches of required water for processing! Not so with these supeb stainless steel canners. What a great resource these canners are for the serious gardener supplying their family with garden bounty year round.

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Stainless Steel Canner


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