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The Suntap Splash is a water-proof, floating, solar charging LED flashlight. It has much more character than just a normal flashlight. Its internal, non memory, long life energy cell can be charged in three different ways:

  • (1) The normal way, by the sun. You just set the Suntap Splash in the sun sitting on land, or floating on water, with the solar panel side up. On a sunny day 4 hours later your Suntap Splash is charged and ready to go. On an overcast day it will take approximately 8 hours, and on a cloudy day 20 hours. In very bad weather it may take longer.
  • (2) In an emergency two AA batteries can be installed in the Splash.
  • (3) An AC adapter (not included) can be plugged into the DC jack to charge up the internal energy cell.

The Splash has a high sensitivity, FM, auto-scan radio built in so you can catch the news anywhere. Plus, it has an emergency feature so that with the touch of a button two red LED flashers start blinking and a siren starts sounding.

The Splash comes with a bracket that can clamp on to tubing such as a bicycle handle for headlights, or on the back for taillights, arms or legs of some chairs, railings on boats, racks on ATVs, and many more places. The Splash slides easily on and off of the swivel head bracket. It also comes with a triple LED bulb, as well as, a normal incandescent bulb which you can switch out easily.

The Splash’s design is quite unique. I would describe it as a bottle with a lid that the main body of the light slides into and out of so you can change batteries or bulbs easily. When you are done you just screw the lid back on, and you are on your way. The inner, main part is ocean blue, and the outside bottle is clear. The Splash Measures 2.75″ by 2.75″ by 2.5″, and weighs 12 oz. The Splash comes with a nylon leash for ease of carrying, as well as the knowledge that it’s saving energy and keeping some batteries out of the land fill. As the manufacturer says the Suntap Splash is an incredibly dependable tool for camping, fishing, hunting, any indoor or outdoor sports, emergencies or blackouts.


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