Strike-a-fire Starters 8 Pack


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Strike-A-Fire is an innovative new way to start your fire or charcoal grill. It combines the convenience of a fire log with the fire starting ability of a match. Essentially, it is a 12 minute match! Best of all no toxic fluid, lighters, or even kindling are required. Diamond Strike-A-Fire is made purely of non-toxic sawdust and wax, making it a safe and natural way to start any fire.

To light your campfire you simply place two logs across your fire grate or campfire base. Place a third log across the top of the bottom logs. Strike your Strike-A-Fire on the lighting surface on the bottom of its package, & then place the burning Strike-A-Fire between the bottom logs and under the top log.

To light your grill, strike your Strike-A-Fire match on the bottom of its package, place it on the grill, and wait until it is engulfed in flames. Then pour charcoal briquettes over the flaming fire starter and arrange them to maximize their exposure to the flames. Wait 12 to 15 minutes to fully ignite your briquettes, and you are ready to grill.

Just one Strike-A-Fire lights your fireplace, grill or campfire. Strike-A-Fire comes in a convenient reclosable package of 8 fire starters with a lighting surface on the bottom.


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