Spark Lite Fire Starter W/Tinder


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By Adventure Medical Kits

Adventure Medical Kit’s Spark-Lite is a 100% waterproof, one-handed fire starter. It is the official fire starter of the US military, and can spark more than 1000 times even after being soaked in water. This, and its small size and weight, make it great for any camping or emergency kit. Measuring just 2″ long and weighing less than 1/4 oz, even backpackers can have a Spark-Lite in their pack. The Spark-Lite is also great at home for lighting BBQ’s, grills, candles, lamps, and much, much more.

The Spark-lite comes with 4 “Tinder-Quik” which are waterproof, and once lit with the Spark-Lite, burn for 2-3 minutes giving you plenty of time to light a fire. The Spark-lite works best when used with some kind of tinder, such as the “Tinder-Quik” that it comes with. After that is used up, you can easily make your own tinder, or buy some long burning waterproof, commercial tinder such as the Coghlans Emergency Waterproof Tinder or Tinder-Quik which light even when wet, and burn for 3-7 minutes.


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