Presto Pressure Canner Parts


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Replacement  Parts and Accessories for Presto and National Canners

  1. Old Style gauge: This gauge fits all Presto canners manufactured prior to Jan. 1978
  2. Old Style Sealing Ring and Automatic Air Vent: It is recommended that you replace the automatic air vent every time you replace the sealing ring, or sooner if it becomes hard, as it is one of your canner’s safety devices. This set fits models: 7,7AV,7B, 7S, 21, 21AV, 21B, 21S, CA16, CA16H, CA21, 01/CA16H,01/CA21H The model number is stamped on the bottom of your canner.
  3. Deluxe gauge: Fits newer models with a nut on the bottom. The old gauges screw into threads on the lid.
  4. New Style Sealing Ring: Fits models 01/CAA12H, 01/CAA20H, 02/CAA12H, 02CAA16H,02CAA20H, 01/C13, 01/C17, 01/C22, 01/CG22 and all units with model numbers beginning:01710, 01740, 01750, 01770, and 01780.
  5. Pressure Regulator: This pressure canner weight fits most pressure canners with a gauge manufactured after 1957.
  6. Canner Rack


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